About Us

Claude Hall founded the Oklahoma Gun Show in 1977. This marked the start of a beautiful and sacred tradition in Oklahoma City; Claude Hall’s Original Oklahoma City Gun Show! Surrounding himself with family and friends he set out to see you and yours safely armed and ready for life’s dangers. These shows take place on weekends throughout the year, at the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds. Claude Hall and the entire Oklahoma City Gun Show staff prides themselves on providing a safe, legal, and fair environment to purchase guns, knives and any other manner of weapon you might like.

This Oklahoma tradition gives us the chance to source the best vendors, with the best stock for your protection. The premium space supplied by us to the vendors is not at premium prices. This allows the vendors to pass the savings onto the buyer, and increase their exposure in one fell swoop. Claude Hall’s Original Oklahoma City Gun show has the staff, mostly family, has the experience needed to ensure these things.

We’ve been doing this a long time, and plan to do it for generations to come. With each passing year we make improvements wherever possible to the shows improving your convention-going time. We’ve established ourselves as the Original Gun Show in Oklahoma City and have no intention of that ever changing. The Gun Show industry is dynamic, and we seek to stay both at the forefront of the advances, and firmly rooted in our Oklahoman traditions, family, and gun culture. Come down to Claude Hall’s next event and see what you’ve been missing. We’re waiting for you, locked and loaded.